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Thread: [WIP] Kenton Ridge

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    Re: [WIP] Kenton Ridge

    Here, lemme get some pics up of what I got done on my school...

    Fairly incomplete, that big building is the main sort of administration area (principal, IT guy, College adviser all work there). I stopped working on this around July because imma remake it for CS 1.6 or Source when I get some spare time (probably over the winter).
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    Re: [WIP] Kenton Ridge

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeph View Post
    Jack Thompson bipeds!
    i made one a long time ago>_>
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    Re: [WIP] Kenton Ridge

    Quote Originally Posted by PenGuin1362 View Post
    i made one a long time ago>_>

    "Judging from the two incredibly retarded posts above mine, I can tell that this comment thread is approaching a dumbass singularity. Everyone, abandon ship while there’s still time." -some dude
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