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Thread: [MAP] Sidewinder a.k.a. Summerwinder

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    [MAP] Sidewinder a.k.a. Summerwinder

    I've been working on a port of sidewinder off and on for a while now in my free time. Now someone beat me to the punch so i decided to make a version of sidewinder based in the warmer seasons. Well i also changed the season because of the fact that hog will not loose it's friction on the ice but thats another story.

    This is a beta and i'm working on the final version but i'd like some hard punch in the mouth criticism. So Please let me know what you think and what needs to be fixed. I'll edit this post when i get it finished.

    edit: Okay many many changes to this map but its in essence the same deal. I would say this is the final release but i'm sure i'll get some hints on problems. And i'm not 100% sure all gametypes are 100% operational but i don't mind this being hosted now. Let me know what you think.

    Keep in mind this is a port and alot of the scenery and bsp is brought to you by the fabulous M$ and also i had help with a couple textures thanks to bigdaddy. Hmm Also i used some of warningshot's tree knowledge to make the branches go with the flow. And a big thanks to my GF for not complaining "too much" about my computer usage the last couple days so i could finish this. Shh, i didn't say that. lol

    dl link= http://files.filefront.com/summerwin.../fileinfo.html
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    Re: [map] Sidewinder a.k.a. Summerwinder

    The basic shape is ok.Its a good start, but its need more detail.
    Ground, Rocks, Cliffs and Waterfalls.
    Very Important the UVW, it needs a loot of fixing.

    If u need any texture I can provide.

    P.S - What is the Light Quality ?
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    Re: [map] Sidewinder a.k.a. Summerwinder

    I'd say work on the waterfalls, UVWs in some areas, and redo the cliffs a lil, make them sparkle.
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    Re: [map] Sidewinder a.k.a. Summerwinder

    The light quality is set at super. I know, it does not look that way. But uvw-ing is a large part of the process at hand along with some texture swapping. What exactly would i have to do to the waterfalls to make them look more realistic?

    Oh and does my water look okay? I had a hell of a time making it as transperant as it is. I wanted it that way so peope can't hide in the water. Or do you think it would look better if it had a fog plane or maybe just less transperant.

    Edit: the ground. does that need work or does it look okay because it was experimental for me with a full base map.
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    Re: [map] Sidewinder a.k.a. Summerwinder

    Wow, Im liking this.
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    Re: [map] Sidewinder a.k.a. Summerwinder

    Are you sure you don't want me to add a bunch of extruded boxes? lol
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    Re: [map] Sidewinder a.k.a. Summerwinder

    Looks pretty good. i will dl and check it out.

    btw- vic or whatev his name is asked me to host sidewinder beta 1. i'll only put up betas that ppl want me too.
    I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes..or should I?

    I envision a world of peace, tranquility and no flat_light_scratchy materials.
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    Re: [map] Sidewinder a.k.a. Summerwinder

    nice work, downloading now.

    are you going to add grass with the decorator brush later?
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    Re: [map] Sidewinder a.k.a. Summerwinder

    yes. the decorator brush slows sapien down for me so thats the final touch. I also made a few other dec. brush tags that i'll be putting in also.

    P.S. Warningshot3 Thanks for your trees. I used the pic from your tree file to animate my trees.
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    Re: [map] Sidewinder a.k.a. Summerwinder

    Nice Job Johnny. Aside from the UVWing, the powerups in my test slayer match did not the invis next to the OS. One side had two OS' while the other side was proper.

    Also, one of the portals faces you right into a wall. So check those out a bit.

    And based on your other map, make sure the spawn points don't plop me right into the enemies base for CTF, assault, etc...

    I like the summer sidewinder..

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