Modacity Minecraft Server


Welcome to the official Minecraft server of Modacity! Before you get started playing, be sure to read this page in its entirety to avoid conflicts or confusion while playing.

The server can be joined by typing "" into the "server address" field in Minecraft. If your DNS servers are properly configured, you shouldn't have a problem joining. If you are unable to join with that address, you can alternatively try "" as the server address. However, if the first method does not work, it is HIGHLY recommended that you change your DNS servers to the faster, more reliable DNS servers provided by OpenDNS by following this tutorial.

The Modacity Minecraft server is set up primarily as a survival server, with some mods to make the experience more enjoyable. Players must mine, build, hunt, eat, buy, and sell to survive. This server features a whitelist for protection. Before a player can mine or build, they must apply for the server in the official Minecraft thread on the forums. For an expedited response, it is also recommended that you post a visitor message on jcap's profile.

To make life easier, you will need to know several commands. These commands can be typed into the chat box.
  • /lwc - LWC is a mod that allows players to protect their assets. Typing "/lwc" into the console will display a list of all available LWC commands. To privatize a door, furnace, chest, sign, or anything else I forgot to mention, you simply type "/cprivate" and then press enter. You will be prompted to left click (punch) the object you wish to protect. That's it! Now only you can use it.
  • /rtp playername - The "rtp" command stands for "request teleport." When you specify the name of the player you wish to teleport to, the recipient will receive instructions for confirming or denying the request.
  • /warp - The "warp" command allowed players to define up to 10 warps anywhere in the world for quick movement. For example, you can define a warp at your home and warp to it from across the map in an instant. Players can define a warp as either private or public. A private warp can be accessed by only you, while a public warp can be accessed by any player. Full usage of the "warp" command is available by typing "/warp help" in the game's chat.
  • /ascend and /descend - These two commands are essential to movement. They do exactly as they say - ascending or descending you from your current position.
  • /motd - This command displays the welcome message as seen when you join the server. The MOTD can at times include important server information about updates or changes, and displays the list of currently online players.
  • /vtime day/night - This command will initiate a vote of the players in the server to forcefully change the time of day. This may be useful if you are working on something that is most easily accomplished during day hours, so you aren't attacked by mobs at night.


The rules for our Minecraft server aren't atypical from what you'd find on other servers - just stick to good behavior. Violation of any of the rules can, and will most likely, result in the immediate removal from the server's whitelist either temporarily or permanently.
  • No cheating or hacks. Unless given prior permission by the server administrator (jcap), do not make use of any modifications designed to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players of the server, such as an X-ray mod or a fly mod.
  • Respect other players. Everyone is playing to have fun - don't talk negatively about anyone or their skill.
  • No tampering with anyone's property. Accidents are bound to happen at times, but intentional tampering (including "griefing") and sabotage is prohibited.
  • Theft of other players' items, crops, etc. is prohibited.
  • Do not build within 100 blocks of other people's property without asking others first! You may be interfering with future building plans or on top of their mine without knowing! Asking takes only a few minutes. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!
  • Do not create anything that is offensive This includes, but is not limited to: nudity, swear words, and racial slurs/imagery.
  • Don't be reckless. Try to keep the world's overall appearance appealing. Don't build giant structures that disrupt the landcape that you have no intent of finishing. Don't alter the general topography of land too much.
  • Use TNT sparingly! TNT can cause serious problems, from damage to the world, to extreme lag for everyone. Place and detonate only a few blocks of TNT at a time.
  • If a glitch/exploit is discovered, please report the glitch immediately. Do not exploit the glitch for any reason.
  • Any unauthorized access to the server or administrative commands is strictly forbidden. As mentioned above, if you discover a glitch, report it, don't exploit it!
  • Acts of vandalism and attempts to cause damage to the server and related services, through hacking, denial of service, or other means, will be taken seriously and referred to the appropriate authorities.
  • Most importantly, have fun! This Minecraft server is set up for your enjoyment.

The Economy

The economy system provides players with a means of buying and selling items with other players using currency. It is a completely free market; there are no set prices. The price of any particular item is determined by the seller(s) of the item (if there are any). It is also effectively a gold standard. The currency (dollars) is derived solely from gold ingots. One gold ingot converts into $20.


/money -- Shows your balance.
/money pay [name] [amount] -- Sends money to another player.

Converting Currency

You can convert your gold ingots at signs which read:

B 20 : S 20
Gold Ingot

The meaning of this sign is that you can sell 1 gold ingot to it for $20, or buy 1 gold ingot from it for $20. These signs can only be created by the server administrator. There will always be one located near the world spawn in the "First Bank of Minecraft," identified by the marker on the map.

To convert 1 gold ingot --> $20, left-click on the sign.
To convert $20 --> 1 gold ingot, right click on the sign.

Buying and Selling with Shops

Buying and selling your belongings can be done by setting up ChestShops. A ChestShop is the combination of a regular chest and a sign placed within one block of the chest, on which you put the item you're selling/buying, the amount, and the price. On the sign, you type:

<blank line>
item amount
item name

The first line must be left blank , as the plugin automatically fills that in with your name.

<blank line>
B 128 : S 96

In this example, a player can buy 64 cobblestone from this shop for $128, or sell 64 cobblestone to this shop for $96. The item amount is the amount you will buy per click. It is not necessarily the total amount they are selling.

The number next to "B" is the price at which people buy from your shop, and the number next to "S" is the price at which people sell to it. You do not necessarily have to type both. You can simply type "B 128" on this line if you only want to sell, or "S 96" if you only want to buy. For the last line, type either the item's ID or alias. Once you're done with the sign, stock the shop by simply putting however many of the specified item you want into the chest.

You buy from shops by right-clicking on them.
You sell to shops by left-clicking on them.