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    Re: SAPP

    Nvm, trust me, it won't ban you if you are pro, or just had a big luck. And yes, there is cool-down ofc.

    Player camera has 2 values: xy(0 - 2PI)"around" and z(-PI/2 - PI/2)"up-down". SAPP checks the change of these values 100 times/sec. Snap is sqrt((xy_change*(180/PI))^2 + (z_change*(180/PI))^2)° =)
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    Re: SAPP

    Hmm I must be looking at something different then. FYI I'm looking at the object struct.

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    Re: SAPP

    a tiny aside here, but if youre going to post a formula like that, it would be helpful to have it in actual mathematical notation instead of the corresponding programming line. its not really an issue, its just that i find it very difficult to even process whats happening in a formula if its written in that notation
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    Re: SAPP

    Well I managed to find the addresses in the player struct that match up to your description of xy and z aiming, but these values seem to only be updated every few seconds. If you don't mind me asking, what are the addresses that you are using?

    E: I managed to find the correct addresses, so it's all good. =)
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    Re: SAPP

    Cool =)
    Donut: It was a mathematic formula, not a part of code...
    sqrt = square-root , PI = PI (3,141592...), ^2 = square, xy_change and z_change are variables, they refer to the size of the xy and z coordinate change in 0,01 sec...

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    Re: SAPP

    So your basically checking sudden changes in the view float, I'm if this happens multiple times it adds a point.

    I didn't realise server had access to the viewing positions, suppose it makes sense

    Glad we have a few more programmers here

    ^ Delta values

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    Re: SAPP

    So the criteria for "botting" in this case is turning the camera over 120 degrees and killing someone? How do the values of 20k-200k relate?

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    Re: SAPP

    Lol, not over 120°... uhm...sight...i'll tell u tomorrow how its exactly working, but its 2:40 am atm ... gn^^

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    Re: SAPP

    Someone let me know when they have this running on a dedi. I'm a pretty twitchy player, so I'm curious to see if it'll falsely flag me.

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    Re: SAPP

    So it's basically checking if the player has moved their camera direction more then a specified amount since the last check?

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