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Thread: [Tutorial] Video - Making your first Halo 2 Vista Map

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    [Tutorial] Video - Making your first Halo 2 Vista Map

    All you greenhorns that dont know how to make Halo 2 Vista maps.....This is going to be your lucky day!


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    Re: [Tutorial] Video - Making your first Halo 2 Vista Map

    Things wrong:
    In CE you don't have to name the bsp name to skybox.
    It's pronounced "s-fear" not "sp-eer"
    Don't talk to the audience. Like you do sometimes.
    Do not let us sit there and watch your computer load, skip it.
    Also the black is because you don't have any walls to block off the section where the skybox ends. Since its just a hemisphere.

    Okay, those are just a few things that bugged me right away that I thought I should share with you. Now let me get down to the actual critique of the tutorial. First off, its not much of a tutorial more of a walk through of a very very basic map that in my sense of mind wasn't even created right.

    You didn't teach the users much other than a quick "create" a box, create these basic materials (You didn't seem to understand that part to the fullest), and export as an Bungie Ass file, olol... Then a quick compile into tool.

    You showed no further explanation of the tools or techniques you can use in max to model a level, such as starting with a plane instead of a box, or even a spline if I dare say so. You didn't go into the launcher applications tools, or even come close to explaining the lighting functions of the Halo 2 Engine.

    There are so many flaws to this tutorial that its not funny, all you did was teach people how to make a "cube-map", and I think I'll leave it at that as I wish to not rip into your tutorial any more.

    I'll give it a 4/10 for the effort.
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    Re: [Tutorial] Video - Making your first Halo 2 Vista Map

    Thanks, but this was meant just for your FIRST map, not for your ultimate modded map. I was just using the tutorial they gave us, and put it into video form. Sry if it annoyed you...
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    Re: [Tutorial] Video - Making your first Halo 2 Vista Map

    Its not really that it annoyed me, its just your teaching things that I despise in many ways. I come from Halo:CE and we hate box maps with a passion, we would like maps with great effort put into them, and by what you showed in that video you completely went against all that I am for.

    All I ask is that you do not define a FIRST map by the quality of it, but by the effort you put into it. If you would like some people to lookup on that created their first maps, very well played maps, then go look for Yoyorast, or Schwinz the creattors of Yoyorast_Island and Wartorn Cove.

    I wish that you would have taught better methods then showing a lazy way out. I hoped that this tutorial would have been similar to Kurks, from Halomods where he walked you through the creation of a map from point A of nothing to point B of a completed well polished BSP. It just didn't live up to expectations.

    Even though you did create the tutorial, is it so much to ask that you re think it? Maybe break it up into a series of tutorials from modeling, to texturing, and then the compiling process instead of trying to cram it into one video? And if you do take me up on this offer then try to find a nice quite place where you wont be interrupted by yappy dogs, or a mother.

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    Re: [Tutorial] Video - Making your first Halo 2 Vista Map

    After a couple of hours of looking at what you said, Kalub, I am in the process of making another tutorial, based on your references to maps (I'm not saying that I'm stealing their ideas, I'm just seeing what they did, and trying to figure out how they did it, and such.) I will try harder on this "refurbished" tutorial.

    Thanks for the comments, Kalub.

    BTW, i also posted this on halomods, 1 person downloaded it there, said it was nice. Oh well, time to make a better tutorial.
    Last edited by CodeBrain; June 9th, 2007 at 10:31 AM.
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    Re: [Tutorial] Video - Making your first Halo 2 Vista Map

    All Im saying is to make it a well structured piece of advice that will help users understand to make a map, but don't try to rush it. Dedicate yourself.

    Thanks for listening
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    Re: [Tutorial] Video - Making your first Halo 2 Vista Map

    You I-Can-Only-Speak-English dude





    It's Spanish for warfare.

    Not bad but
    A.I don't want your mom in the background; I want her somewhere else
    B.Explain things don't just show them
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    Re: [Tutorial] Video - Making your first Halo 2 Vista Map

    That's actually an orangutan.
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    Re: [Tutorial] Video - Making your first Halo 2 Vista Map

    Quote Originally Posted by Sakievich View Post
    That's actually an orangutan.
    I swear I googled gorilla.

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    Re: [Tutorial] Video - Making your first Halo 2 Vista Map

    Thanks for posting over a halomods Patrick.

    Just read the post over there, Its over here alrdy.
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