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Thread: WowLoader Source Code Discussion

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    Re: WowLoader Source Code Discussion

    Are my eyes deceiving me or did this thread really get around a 3 year bump just as I became interested in getting this to work?

    If we are ever to really going to get Multiplayer to work we need to STOP CARING ABOUT GETTING LIVE TO WORK. First you need to get LAN Custom Games to work then you can worry about LIVE. LIVE isn't all that great. It takes a long time to get a game and Micro$oft servers are very laggy. H2V on LIVE is basically dead, you should use Tunngle.

    The only thing stopping LAN (and LIVE) from working is the "SORRY Insert your original Halo 2 game disk" (This error is in the .map file). I hosted a LAN game on my Vista machine (H2V v1.0.4). The problem is when I joined on my XP machine I was forced back to the main menu and I got the "original disk error". I was happy to see on the Vista machine that Windows XP was listed in Score Board which means I did join the game.

    I can also create a Custom Game, access game options and start the count down. After the count down I get the Halo loading screen, black screen, then back to Pregame Lobby with the fkn "original disk error". Also the Process Monitor method does not help in this case.

    I also tried renaming a Custom Map as a Campaign Map and then loading it (If you "Mapped" back on Halo CE for the PC you could load a Custom Map as a Campaign Map). The map is black though I have access to the menu and very important I have sound and I can hear my grenade being tossed and exploding.

    Another problem I've encourted is Custom Maps do not show up. I place them in this folder C:\Documents and Settings\John\My Games\Halo 2\Maps which the install made so what's the deal?Also sometimes I receive a "Page Guard stack error" which of course is caused by xlive.dll.Sad the Source was released in '07 and nobody has still not built on it. Big thanks to abcda though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cagerrin View Post
    Still doesn't work on xp64 though, does it? Might finally have a use for my free yard sale copy.
    Try placing the large MF.dll in your SysWOW64 Folder. I have read elsewhere people have gotten H2V to work on WinXP x64.

    Quote Originally Posted by supersniper View Post
    well pretty much during you're installation you have to click activate later, then you have to put that MF.dll in you're halo 2 root folder, but apparently the LIVE option was still greyed out. So then you had to manually install LIVE and the c++ distributable off either the DVD or the iso. But then this guy figured out that if you have a product ID in the registry then the LIVE option would be enabled. So you'd need to actually have a purchased game or acquire a product ID from someone... I'm not sure about xp 64bit, i don't think it was ever supported for it.
    You need to place the "patched" MF.dll by Razor1911 in your GameInstallDir which will ungray everything. Sorry but what you posted is old news. Even with adding the PID value to the registry you still get the "original disk error" when you try to join a game (even if you have inserted a retail disk). I think it has something to do with something in the Loader or one of it's DLLs.
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    Re: WowLoader Source Code Discussion

    Erm.. Crysis 3 is about to be released, have fun with this POS.

    Merry christmas!

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    Re: WowLoader Source Code Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Vicky View Post
    Erm.. Crysis 3 is about to be released, have fun with this POS.

    Merry christmas!
    Free pos ;D
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