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Thread: Red Dead Redemption

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    Re: Red Dead Redemption

    Love this game, though I'm not far into the story because most of my time has been spent dicking around and letting my friends play with cheats on instead of doing missions. The game is really glitchy though, some are funny but sometimes its just annoying.

    I agree with donut about weapon selector, i guess its something you have to work at so you can switch really fast. In my opinion the game should pause for a second while you choose, like I've seen in a few other games (though obviously not in multiplayer).

    Having cars and possibly planes would be cool, possibly added in through DLC (though i haven't beaten it yet so if there could be for all I know.) I really hope this comes out for PC though and modding is possible. I'd love to see someone put some GTA4 content in there (they both use the RAGE engine). Can you imagine how much fun it would be to ride dirtbikes on that terrain while shooting in dead eye? Though I am talking completely out of my ass right now, one can only hope.

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    Re: Red Dead Redemption

    Um, you can pause the game and change weapons, hense the weapons option on the menu.

    Why would you want to watch your character get shot by a corrupt US General when you can watch him get eviscerated by an eight-foot alien in purple body armour?
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    Re: Red Dead Redemption


    new FREE dlc is out. Playing it now.
    Let's get a posse started.
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    Re: Red Dead Redemption

    Just beat the game.
    Cool stuff.
    Derp im gunna open the doors when there are 30 guys on the other side pointing there guns at the door I'm about to open. Don't worry I have a pistol with 6 bullets in it.
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