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Thread: SPv2 Collective Questions & Information Thread

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    SPv2 Collective Questions & Information Thread

    This thread is for any tidbits of info, so that people who are new to the forums can get a quick update without having to dig through all of the old threads for info. Any info posted in this thread I will update in this post.
    *Note: As this forum has apparantly gone to hell regarding grammer and pointless questions that have been answered a million times, this thread has been stickied for reference purposes.

    -Campaign Info-

    STATUS: Postponed Until Further Notice (Most likely until mid-late December)

    -Levels and Weather-

    The Pillar of Autumn - Minor changes, some areas darker.
    Halo - Arid, deserty, savannah-ish.
    Truth and Reconciliation - Snowy, Night time, w/ Mountain Skybox.
    The Silent Cartographer - Sunny, Dusk.
    Assault on The Control Room - Daytime, Sunny, Spring/Summer.
    343 Guilty Spark - Foggier, darker, scarier sounds.
    The Library - Foggy, Flood spores floating around, Grimy.
    Keyes - Night time, Snowy, Icy.
    Two Betrayals - Night time, Spring/Summer, Rainy.
    The Maw - Day time, More damaged, battle-strewn.

    Marines are the backbone of UNSC ground forces, capable on ground or in orbit.
    Status: Mostly if not completely done.
    The members of the ODST group are the UNSC's shock troops, deployed in HEV pods from orbit to make an attack with as much surprise as possible. Though some squads are outfitted with heavier armor designed for vaccum survival, most wear conventional Marine armor.
    Status: Mostly if not completely done.
    Spartan II
    Spartan-IIs are the best of the best in the UNSC. Trained from age 6 to be soldiers, and given the best equipement available, they inspire both terror in the enemy and triumph in allies. Their MJOLNIR armor has energy sheilds reverse-engineered from Covenant technology and improved upon, making it very resilient.
    Status: Mostly if not completely done. New hi-res skin.
    Spartan III
    The Spartan-III program was initiated shorty after the sucessful deployment of the Spartan-IIs. Designed to have a higher sucess rate and lower cost, Spartan-IIIs are trained from a very young age, but are sent into combat at a much younger age than the IIs were. They wear SPI, or Semi-Powered Infiltration armor. while it has no sheilds like MJOLNIR armor, it does have a camoflauge generator. Unfortunately, the group deployed to the Pillar of Autumn by the ONI just before it fled Reach were not equipped with the camoflauge equipment, as theirs was being upgraded at the time. They are still a very powerful asset in the ground operations on Halo.
    Status: Modelled, rigged, UV mapped, skinning TBC. Ingame.

    Elites are the highest ranking units in the Covenant armed forces. Acting as field commanders, they have personal sheilding systems which protect their entire body. Elites carry just about all covenant weapons, including the Energy Sword. They also have active camoflauge generators built into their armor systems. The elites are skilled in the uses of plasma nades, often able to throw their grenades with surprising acuracy.
    Status: Mostly if not completely done.
    Ranks (lowest to highest)
    Minor - Blue*
    Major Domo/Veteran - Red*
    Ranger - Blue w/ Jetpack and Fully Plated Armor
    Ossoona/Stealth - Brown/Gray/Light Blue*
    Special Operations - Purple/Black*
    Ultra/Commander - White/Silver*
    Honor Guard - Orange/Red, Ornate armor
    Ship Master/Field Master/Zealot - Gold*
    Imperial Admiral - Silver w/ gold encrusted forerunner glyphs
    Councilor - silver/platinum w/ a tall crested helmet
    Supreme Commander - Violet, sometimes Gold
    * Confirmed SPv2 Ranks.
    The Brute race is very tough, and are used in situations where simple force is needed. They weild their own type of plasma rifle, spikers, and brute shots. Caution should be used engaging them up close, as the two latter weapons have extremely dangerous blades. They have been observed with a number of different armors, some apperaing more geared towards function and others ceremonial. Brutes are extremely dangerous, especially in packs. Brutes can take a large amount of punishment before becoming critically wounded, so maximum firepower is reccomended when engaging them. The brute's barbaric behavior is reflected in their use of grenades. Brutes have been seen to use Plasma and Spike nades, although they have been spotted to use frag nades on ocasion. Brutes will often cary both plasma and spike nades at the same time, making them unpredictable. Unlike the elites, who are skilled throwers, packs of brutes have been seen to throw grenades all at once, all eager to claim credit for the kill.

    Status: Re-modelled. Being skinned. Animations and rigging TBA.

    Ranks (lowest to highest)
    Minor - Small, Halo 2 default helmet*
    Major/Veteran - Larger, Halo 3 style helmet*
    Captain - Larger, Halo 3 style helmet*
    *Confirmed SPv2 Ranks

    Almost like walking tanks, Hunters are incredibly dangerous foes. They've been seen with many variants of Covenant fuel rod weapons systems. Their armor is nearly impenetrable, but the orange skin of their component eels is very vulnerable to penetrating weapons fire. Many types of rounds are simply deflected by their arm sheilds.
    NOTE: The special operations variation of the hunter appears to have some sort of flamethrower-esque plasma attachment in place of the traditonal arm-cannon.

    Status: Mostly if not completely done.

    Ranks (lowest to highest)
    Minor/Major - Blue, Default fuel rod cannon*
    Ultra - Red, Halo 2 style cannon*
    Specops - Black, -CLASSIFIED- style cannon*
    *Confirmed SPv2 Ranks
    Jackals are a step above Grunts, and are also more dangerous. They have senses of sight, hearing, and smell far beyond those of Humans. They have their own variant of plasma rifle which is wielded by Majors, but otherwise are generally restricted to using plasma pistols and needlers. Their handheld sheilds provide some protection, but a good shooter can hit an exposed body part.

    Status: Mostly if not completely done.

    Ranks (lowest to highest)
    Minor - Blue shields/armor, w/ tan skin*
    Major - Gold/Yellow shields/armor, darker golden skin*
    Sniper - No shield, gray armor/skin
    *Confirmed SPv2 Ranks

    Deployed as cannon fodder by covenant forces, Grunts are weak alone, but dangerous in numbers or when backed up by other troops. They have been observed wieling nearly all standard Covenant weapons, though only the most expericenced veterans operate plasam rifles or fuel rod cannons. Their armor color is coded with their rank. Orange is the lowest, followed by red and/or green, then black, and white.

    Status: Mostly if not completely done. Might re-skin if Dane's up to it.

    Ranks (lowest to highest)
    Minor - Orange*
    Major/Veteran - Red*
    Turret - Green*
    Specops - Black*
    Ultra - White*
    *Confirmed SPv2 Ranks
    The enigmatic xenoformic virus discovered by the forerunners coined "the flood", is quite possibly the most dangerous threat to the universe. After the halo's were forced to be activated as a last-resort, all sentient life that the flood can be sustained in was destroyed; including the forerunners. Those infected by the flood are twisted into a living corpse, not that unlike a zombie.

    Status: Mostly if not completely done.

    Ranks (lowest to highest)
    Infection Form*
    Elite Combat Form*
    Human Combat Form*
    Spartan Combat Form
    Carrier Form*
    Brain Form*
    Juggernaut Form
    *Confirmed SPv2 Ranks
    Primordial Forerunner-constructed automated electronic constructs with limited Artificial Intelligence, they were designed to guard the Halo installations and other Forerunner constructions from harm. Outfitted with lasers and anti-gravity propulsion systems, they are formidable enemies. Majors have been confirmed to carry personal energy shields capable of deflecting small arms fire.

    Status: Mostly if not completely done.

    Ranks (lowest to highest)
    Minor - Silver/gray with yellow/orange laser*
    Major - Gold with blue laser and energy shield*
    *Confirmed SPv2 Ranks
    Unconfirmed Enemy
    Few survivors remain to speak of this opponent, but those that have describe a massive hovering entity that fired lasers, similar in appearance to the sentinels beams, but different somehow. Although few have even seen this creature, they describe hearing a whirring noise when its near. Often firing from the fog and mist, they are rarely seen, possibly from the amount of casualties caused, or from its elusiveness.

    Status: Mostly if not completely done.


    Human Weapons

    MA5C Assault Rifle
    The Assault Rifle is the weapon of choice for the marines. While it has a small 32 round clip, it is highly acurate. It is best used against Jackals and Grunts, but is effective against all enemies. It can be used to remove the helmet of a brute minor, although it is incapable of delivering a fatal headshot.

    Official Information:
    Official designation: MA5C
    Length (o/a): 88 cm (34.6 in.)
    Length (barrel): 60.7 cm (24 in.)
    Weight (empty): 3.8 kg (8.378 lbs)
    Weight (loaded): 4.1 kg (9.05 lbs)
    Cartridge: 7.62mm x 51 FMJ
    Max. effective range: 300 meters (984 ft)
    Muzzle velocity: 905 m/s (2970 f/s)
    Magazine capacity: 32 rounds
    Rate of fire: 750 – 900 rnds/min
    Unit Replacement cost: 1686.00

    Improvements over the MA5B include:
    - a heavier barrel with a 1 in 7 twist;
    - a redesigned cowling to house the electronics suite that reduces weight and increases pointability of weapon;
    - a redesigned handguard which is sturdier and provides a more positive grip.

    Status: New Halo 3 design. Custom Halo 3 animations, sounds, and model.

    MA5K Assault Carbine
    The Assault Carbine is favored by the Spartan IIIs. With a 48 round clip, along with amazing acuracy, this gun is effective for headshots at a distance, although it has no scope or zoom. It is semi automatic, and has a fair rate of fire. It can also be used as an automatic weapon when in close range, which is done by holding the trigger. When encountered by a "baby kong", a popular tactic is to aim at the head while going full auto, to destrou the helmet and delived a bullet to skull. It takes around 12 bullets to destroy the helmet, regardless if you are using this weapon in full auto mode or semi automatic. It is an effective weapon from a distance, but use caution, as it is risky and hard to use at close range. It is most effective against Jackals and brute minors.

    Status: Being touched up (i.e. model details, skin, etc.), possibly a sound supressed variant in the works.

    BR-55 M-45 Battle Rifle with Grenade attachment
    The BRG is one of the most versatile weapons in the game. It fires 3 round burst shots, and can fire with almost no error when zoomed. it takes 10 bullets to remove the helmet from a minor brute. The armour piercing grenade launcher, which can cary at a maximum 6 shots, is capable of destroying most small covenant vehicles with a single shot, and a hit to a brute or elite will either kill or severly damage them. It is an effective weapon, however, the small amount of ammo available for this, as it is still an expirmental weapons, makes it hard to find, as well as short lived in combat. It is effective against all enemies.

    Status: Same as MP maps, possibly a few touch ups.

    M6D Pistol
    While only a sidearm, it is a powerfull weapon. While effective against mainly grunts and jackals, it can also be used to remove the helmet from a minor brute, and deliver the final blow. The large bullets stun many of it's targets. Given no other alternative, the M6D can easily hold its own.

    Status: Same as MP maps as of now. Masterz refused to comment on any changes, possibly suggesting that changes are in the works.

    M-7 Caseless SMG
    While thought of as a weak and useless weapon, it is the second best close range human weapon, the first being the shotgun. Its high ROF and impact damage makes it effective in close quarters with both Elites and Brutes, coupled with it's fast melee. A must have for going toe to toe with the big guys.

    Status: Being COMPLETELY redone. New model, new skin, new animations, and a new sound supressed version!

    M248 GPMG Hand-held
    The hand held turret is one of the most devastating man-portable UNSC weapons. It is often used on deployed portable turrets, and by removing it from the tripod it can be picked up. It is more or less on par power-wise with the Warthog's chaingun. However, it has only 100 rounds per clip, and the recoil on some variants is so huge it depletes your shields as the rate of fire increases. While putting up a solid wall of bullets, one must be aware of incoming enemy fire. This weapon can tear a brute of any rank apart, while with elites it quickly overloads their shield.

    Status: Unknown at the moment.

    M90 Shotgun
    The M90 CAWS (Close Assault Weapons System) is the most powerful non-specialist close range weapon available to UNSC forces. A direct hit will stop any enemy in it's path, including all brute ranks. While an enemy is stunned by this, a quick melee leads the a kill. It is effective against all enemies.

    Status: Currently the same, but Masterz has been quotes saying that he "hopes" its being redone.

    M19 SSM Rocket Launcher
    The rocket launcher is a very destructive weapon, capable of killing most enemies with a single shot. The variants stocked on the Pillar of Autumn carry an aspect-locking targeting system, capable of seeking any hostile target with relatively high accuracy.

    Status: Same as MP maps.

    S108 AM Sniper Rifle
    Part of a common family of sniper weapons, this rifle delivers a very potent round that can put down nearly any enemy with a well-placed shot. This variant is fitted with a night vision filter and silencer, as well as a disply showing information about the weapon.
    SSRS 99C AMC Sniper Rifle
    Hailing from the same family of weapons as its above counterpart, this sniper rifle is more geared towards general special operations than specifically stealth, though it can be outfitted with a number of stealth devices. The family of weapons is, by nature, completely modular and interchangable, but the UNSC has given specific labels to common variations. It has a far larger ejection port, reducing threats of jamming posed by its cousins, especially the SRS 99D AM. The port also opens on both sides of the rifle, like in the 99D and 99C AMB, and can be configured to eject to either side, depending on the user's preference. This makes it easily customizable to left or right-handed users with a simple bolt and scope swap. Unlike the 99D and 99C AMB, the port and bolt handle are not directly attached, but rather sperate as in the 99C AM. This rifle fires the same ammunition as all its counterparts, and posesses a very similar firing system. Though its scope is very similar to that on the SRS99D AM or SRS99C AMB, it posesses a number of additional tools, like the information readouts present on the S108 AM.

    Status: Being COMPLETELY redone by teh lag (with a few suggestions from me) with a new model, new skin, and some slick new animations. Features a sound supressed variant.

    W/AV M6 G/Galileian "Spartan Laser"
    The Spartan Laser (as it has been nicknamed) is a UNSC venture into man-portable directed energy weapons. After a 3 second period for the weapons system to build up a charge, it lets loose a devastating lance of energy, which can cut through most known metals used by ground forces on both Human and Covenant sides. However, it does overheat after firing, and must cool down for a short period. The weapon has been issued with a number of auxillary targeting systems, including laser targeting and a variety of scopes.

    Official Information:

    Official designation: M6 G/GNR
    Length (o/a): 98.8 cm (38.9 in.)
    Length (barrel):
    Weight (empty): 19.07 kg (42 lbs)
    Weight (loaded): 20.4 kg (45 lbs)
    Max. effective range:
    Muzzle velocity: 299792458 m/s (983 571 056 f/s)
    Magazine capacity:
    Rate of fire: semi-automatic only
    Unit Replacement cost: cR. 218000.00

    Status: Completely redone a-la Halo 3. New animations, new sounds, and now has a LAZAR!

    M7057 Flamethrower
    The standard UNSC flamethrower is designed for close-range combat. It is particularly effective in close quarters and in situations involving masses of enemy targets. This weapons system does, however, suffer from overheating problems, and a careless user can drain its fuel tank very easily.

    Status: Same as MP maps.

    Covenant Weapons
    Plasma Rifle

    There are a number of Plasma Rifle weapons, each with a different specialty.
    This variant, which is blue, is the most well-rounded. It has a considerable punch and rate of fire, and as long as the user is attentive, does not have severe overheating problems. This variant is favored by Elites, but has also been seen weilded by veteran Grunts.

    Status: Same as MP maps, new skin.

    This variant of the Plasma Rifle, which is red, is favored by Brutes. It has a very high rate of fire, but this comes at the cost of bad overheating problems.

    Status: Unknown.

    The Jackal Plasma Rifle, which is green, has an incredibly high rate of fire and has a very efficient heat dissapatrion system. However, its blots are siginificantly less powerful than those of the other plasma weapons. It is favored by Jackal majors.

    Status: Unknown.

    Though the Needler has many variants, the core technology remains the same. The deivce fires explosive needles with magnetic guidance, which detonate a few seconds after impact. The needles also have an ability to fuse together and release all thier energy at once if several are stuck to the same target, resulting in a very powerful explosion.

    Status: Being redone. New skin, new animations, new sounds.

    Plasma Pistol
    Standard-issue among most Grunt and Jackal troops. It has semi-automatic fire at a reasonably high rate, and can be brought up to overcharge, spewing a high-powered bolt of plasma that dissipates most sheilding systems in one shot. Though it may seem weak, many soldiers have fallen prey to groups of Grunts and Jackals using the charge function on the weapon.

    Status: Mostly done. Revamped particle effects. New animations.

    Type-25 Spiker Carbine
    The Spiker rifle uses antigravity to propel molten slag in a long, dangerous projectile. The rounds are capable of bouncing off of surfaces when aimed right, making it useful when confronting the enemy head-on is not an option. The spiker also carries a pair of blades on its tip, making it a useful melee weapon as well. The spiker can fire 40 rounds before its magazine is depleted.

    Status: Completely redone Halo 3 style. New textures, model, animations, particles, etc.

    Official Information:

    Type-25 Carbine (Spiker)
    Length (o/a): 81.7 cm (32.17 in.)
    Length (barrel): 25.4 cm (10 in.)
    Weight (empty): 6.4 kg (14.2 lbs)
    Weight (loaded): 7 kg (15.5 lbs)
    Cartridge: Unknown
    Effective range: 40 meters (131 ft)
    Muzzle velocity: 76.2 m/s (250 f/s)
    Magazine capacity: 40 rounds
    Rate of fire: 480 rnds/min
    Unit Replacement Cost: NA

    The type-25 carbine is a magazine fed weapon designed for automatic fire. The weapon has two tungsten-alloy bayonet-type attachments.

    Fuel-Rod technology
    The Covenant have a series of weapons based on using radioactive rods in tandem with plasma to create both high-explosive and high-penetration weapons. A number of designs have been observed, ranging from mortar-like explosive cannons, to lethal beams, to the various carbines that use similar systems. They are highly dangerous in almost all situations. Hunters are generally outfitted with the higher-yeild weapons systems, and use them to great extent. The explosive variants are similar in damage to rockets, and the beam variant can decimate weaker foes in a single lance of fire. Devices have previously been seen with fail-safe explosives, but for some reason or another those have become less and less common.
    Brute Shot
    This is a weapon used only by Brute troops. Its chamber holds a belt of 6 explosive grenades, which also have an explode-on-contact ability. The projectiles have a significant arc as well. The weapon is also fitted with a large bayonette for melee combat.

    Status: Custom tailored. Has arcing grenades and new particle effects. Now explodes on contact!

    Energy Sword
    Though mostly ceremonial, the Covenant Energy Sword is a lethal close-range weapon. It directs plasma into a two-bladed melee weapon, which can easily rip through most kinds of armor and metal. The weapon is used almost exclusively by Elites. Most units are outfitted with fail-safe detonators - if the sword is active while dropped, it will dispirse its plasma, rendering the weapon useless.

    Status: Re-skinned. New particle effects.

    Unconfirmed Weapon
    Rarely seen except on high risqué missions deep into the covenant position, some believe it is a hunter-only weapon. While speculated on what exactly this weapon is, it has been confirmed to fire a form of radioactive fuel-rod ammunition. Some theorize it is a form of hand-held hunter beam or cannon.

    Status: -CENSORED-


    Human Equipment

    Portable M248 GPMG Turret
    (See "M248 GPMG hand-held" for weapons info)A portable, tripod-mounted version of the M248. It does not suffer from recoil when mounted on the tripod.

    Status: Complete. Tweakings may occur however.


    Human Vehicles

    M12 Warthog
    The Warthog is a chassis used by several UNSC ground vehicles. It can be configured in a number or ways, and is highly versatile over almost all terrain types. On the Pillar of Autumn, gauss, chaingun, and Rocket launcher variants were taken along. It can be a highly pivotal unit in any assault.

    Status: Complete. Tweakings may occur however.

    M808B Scorpion Main Battle Tank
    The M808B is themain workhorse of the UNSC armored ground assets. Combining firepower with efficiency, its large cannon and chain gun are more than capable of taking on almost any foe. Up to 4 passengers may ride on its track pods.

    Status: Complete. Tweakings may occur however.

    D77-TC Pelican Dropship
    The Pelican is a versatile, well armored, and adapatable transport. It can be outfitted with a variety of weapons systems, including a chin-mounted chaingun, wing-mounted rocket pods, and an M248 GPMG in the rear.

    Status: Complete. New AI and weapons.

    Covenant Vehicles

    The Ghost is a fast covenant light vehicle, weilding two plasma cannons. Though it uses antigravity propulsion, it has some trouble navingating rough terrain, making the warthog a better choice in some situations.

    Status: Complete.

    Apparation -CANCELLED-
    Though the apparation was once common, almost on par with the Ghost, it has recently been used less and less, possibly due to unreliability of its antigravity systems noted by UNSC troops. It features a needler system, which can fire either a pair of normal shots which seem to have increased tracking and range, or a single high-powered blast. There is very little chance of encountering one on the feild as of now.

    Status: Scrapped for crap.

    The Wraith mortar tank is a very dangerous opponent at any range. Its large plasma mortar can engage targets from afar, and it has twin plasma cannons for close-range combat.

    Status: Mostly complete. New skin (halo 3 style?).

    The Spirit dropship is the primary Covenant transport. It has a quartet of high-powered plasma cannons, which deal considerable damage to any target, as well as a small impact shockwave, which can flip light vehicles. Though the dropship is very well armored, well-placed shots from a Spartan Laser can destroy its turrets. The explosion of the turret is enough to damage units inside the vehicle.

    Status: Complete.

    Shade Turret
    The Covenant Shade turret is very deadly, firing two bolts of plasma on par with those fired by the Spirit's main guns. It also has a sheilding system which protects the operator from most angles, though they are vulnerable from the back and side, as well as directly above the control panel. Explosives are often the best method for removing them as a threat.

    Status: Complete.

    Geist Turret
    Similar in design to the Shade, this turret uses technology similar to the Needler to fire a pair of explosive projectiles with a limited homing ability. Like its cousin the Shade, it has a sheilding system to protect the operator, but has the same open spots as well. Explosives are very effective against this turret, as with the Shade.

    Status: Complete.


    Promotional Items Thread

    Spartan Laser

    SPI Armor

    *Note, these are only alpha models. They are currently much farther in development.


    Bruteshot Captain:

    Plasma Rifle Minor :

    Plasma Rifle Captain :

    Spiker Minor:

    Spiker Captain:


    Dane started working on the brutes!

    Still working....



    Spike Grenade

    The armor is a placeholder.

    R.I.P. S-III

    New HUD

    The initial outline for the whole visor.

    And progress as of now.

    This is the latest video update, showing off some sweet new particle effects and new animations (props lag!).
    T&R Promo Teaser by Sonic
    NOTE: The Beta build of the level is 2-3 weeks old. many of the bugs and unfinished things (such as the brute) have been vastly improved on and fixed.
    NOTE: This is a video of the new CMT SPv2 done by Teh Lag, showing off some of the new features and weapons in the new maps, along with some of our upgraded vehicles. Also in this video are the placeholder Brutes and the placeholder Spartan 3's (they use the old SPv1 biped as a placeholder model). The "official" CMT shaders and particles are also not present in this video, as well as a debug HUD.

    Interesting Tidbits

    This is a place for all of the "Interesting Tidbits", as shown. Here are a few interesting facts:

    Quote Originally Posted by Masterz1337 View Post
    Referring to Zteams Campaign Scripts:
    We won't release [SPv2] 'till we have them
    Quote Originally Posted by Masterz1337 View Post
    There is a third silenced weapon in the mod.
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    Re: CMT Collective Information Thread

    nice, but you posted it twice. i think mb a sticky?

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    Re: CMT Collective Information Thread

    Damn, I can't +rep you for now since I "gave out too much rep in the past 24 hours" but I'll do it when I can.

    Good job, now we'll have fewer irritating noobs who spam the boards with questions that are not only obvious but are also written in the noob style.

    Of course, there'll always be people like that guy with the weirdest username (has a 50 in it plus all sorts of weird characters) but fewer noobs are better than many noobs!
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    Re: CMT Collective Information Thread

    wow, this is impressive. this will help a lot a noobs coming to the forum (like me). i kinda knew a lot of this stuff already though (prolly b/c its public info, duhh)

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    Re: CMT Collective Information Thread

    Pretty nice, but I think my 2 threads contain most of this. Maybe include little tidbits team members drop around the forum. Such as that little drop of info about one of the new covie weapons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Masterz1337 View Post
    Pretty nice, but I think my 2 threads contain most of this. Maybe include little tidbits team members drop around the forum. Such as that little drop of info about one of the new covie weapons.
    Yea, i plan on adding basically anything i know, as well as quotes on new enemies and weapons. A little further info wouldnt hurt, eh? *nudges with shoulder*:beating:

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    Re: CMT Collective Information Thread

    wow, spent a bit of work on that, + rep

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    Re: CMT Collective Information Thread


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    Re: CMT Collective Information Thread

    because u have a lot of stuff i recomend telling people what u updated when u post updated so people dont have to search for what u updated on.

    but its just a suggestion.
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    Re: CMT Collective Information Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by supersniper View Post
    because u have a lot of stuff i recomend telling people what u updated when u post updated so people dont have to search for what u updated on.

    but its just a suggestion.
    Good idea, but any siggestions on how i can do that and still have everything organised? Im an organisation FREAK.

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